UK & International Training Programmes

I offer training programmes to support the development of effective personal and professional communications. There are many free resources online; my speciality is bring these to life and tailor them to your needs. Clients have included: British Council with National Arts Council, Singapore; The Clore Leadership Programme; National Theatre Wales and Manchester Histories.

‘Lesa took time to research and understand the Singaporean context, which meant she was well prepared and able to apply her specialisms in a way that was flexible and responsive to the needs of participants.  Lesa is both professional and fun, which meant collaborating with her was a real joy’    Ellen O’Hara, Lead Facilitator, Lead The Way.

Courses generally a half day or a day-long; plus preparation with you and post report provided.

Courses I offer

Coaching EarTrumpet
Active Listening Skills

Five levels of listening skills.

Transformational in effective communications.

Mission Vision Values
Brand Experience

Communicate the message.

Create relevant relationships.

Explore journey mapping.

Identify key touch-points.

Respond to feedback.

Brave Conversations image
Brave Conversations

Many people feel anxious about having a challenging or tricky conversations.

Plan for, deliver and discuss ideas together to reach meaningful understanding and outcomes.

Good Governance
Good Governance

Boards exist to provide entrepreneurial leadership and prudent and effective control; including assessment and management of risk.

Learn about purpose, procedures and the difference in the responsibilities of the Board and management.

Great presentations
Great Presentations

This course is designed to give Great Presentations.

Overcome your fears to share gifts from your personal experiences, skills and knowledge; with a clear structure to enable you to speak with confidence to a group of any size.


Lead with authenticity and generosity; combine your vision and determination with a commitment to bring out the best in others.

“If you want to go fast, go alone…but if you want to have impact, go together’’ (African Proverb).

Leading Virtual Teams
Leading Virtual Teams

Working together, geographically apart. Increasingly, people are working remotely as teams in the UK and internationally.

Discover how to effectively communicate with virtual teams to achieve common goals.

Time Management
Time Management

Process, organise and plan how to divide your time to work smarter, not harder even when time and pressures are tight.

Explore your work / life balance to support your productivity and well-being.