Strategic Communications

I have developed and implemented communications and PR strategies for many organisations including the launch of several prestigious performing arts companies in the UK.

These have included Contact, Manchester; The Core, Corby; Cast, Doncaster and National Theatre Wales amongst others.

‘Lesa was inspirational in helping us develop branding, marketing and communications at National Theatre Wales. She is innovative, rigorous, communicates superbly and has excellent people skills. She has an extraordinary ability to bring together cutting edge practice in online and viral communication with more traditional insights into networks on the ground in localities. Her ability to organise and brief selection and tendering processes is also remarkable, as is her touch in organising effective launch events. It is both delightful and illuminating to work with her’  Phil George, Founder Chair National Theatre Wales.

I also worked in Batumi, Georgia through the British Council to support senior management at Batumi State Drama Theatre to develop and embed skills in strategic public relations and communications. This was part of a region-wide initiative to share learning in audience development across the sector; with the four state-funded performing arts companies working together and beyond.

Working in a different culture with a client who spoke no English, I learned a thing or two along the way.  My wonderful English language interpreters once mistakenly communicated my clients’ feedback… I was told he was ‘angry’, although from his body language, he didn’t look angry. I asked my interpreter to clarify the translation of the word for me – what he actually said was ‘he agree’!

How important it is to actively listen; to get behind what a client is communicating and goals for success.