I am a personal and professional coach and International Member of the Association for Coaching, based in Manchester UK, working nationally and internationally. Whatever you would like to focus on, I offer one-to-one confidential coaching and mentoring services in person and online. I have experience of coaching conversations with over 150 people. Coaching enables you to work towards your personal and professional goals, and can lead to clarity to enable more effective decision making through informed choices.

The process allows you to ‘hear yourself think’ and unlock your own solutions:                               

  • It is future focussed and helps you work towards something small or large.
  • I actively listen and reflect back what I hear you say.
  • I ask questions to help you gain a deeper understanding.
  • I provide a framework for your thinking.
  • I hold the space and provide a boundary for your thoughts.

‘Lesa’s openness and ability to carefully reflect back what I shared with her really enabled me to explore in great depth issues that challenged me. Over the period she coached me, I certainly felt a strong progression in making steps to achieve personal and professional change’  Coaching Client

I offer three coaching packages to suit your needs and time-scales. Whilst it is possible to book an individual one-off coaching conversation, I suggest an initial course of three sessions over 1 month. A second option is to take more time to explore your goals over a period of 3 months. The third programme spans up to 6 months and gives you the opportunity to consider and work towards your goals in more depth. Coaching can be in person, on the telephone or Zoom.

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